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Ow Preview Book Promo by Versiris

The Select Your Hero Overwatch fan book is up for pre-order! This is a fan-made collaborative effort between artists drawing every OW hero, you can check out my addition here:

Torbjorn Ready to Sail! by Versiris

The book consists of 64 pages with art of every hero character currently available in game ( Up to Sombra ). There are a total of 55 full pages of illustrations and a blank page in the back of the book to have your favorite artist sign and doodle inside if you meet them at a convention! Though you won't be able to get an illustration drawn in your book through the preorder, a special sticker sheet will be included that will only be available through this preorder event.

Pre-orders end this weekend:…

Hey guys!! If you wanted to order any of my shirts or apparel from my shop in time for Christmas today is the last day to do it with regular shipping and next friday for Priority (for US orders)!

Jolly Tidings (Sweater) by VersirisRadiant Sun + Full Moon (T-Shirts) by Versiris Wood Owl Woods [T-Shirt] by Versiris
Tidus sweaters amongst other items have just moved into my shop from SharkRobot, I also have new tote bags and all-over print stuff to check out!
> <

I still can't believe how popular my friggin Tidus laugh meme sweater is, but I'm glad you all like it! HOO HOO HOOOO
FB-banner-blackfriday2016 by Versiris


What kinds of things?? More pokemon apparel than you can handle. Maybe you CAN handle it! You'll have to find out for yourself won't you? Including special editions of the Sun and Moon (Lunala and Solgaleo) designs I recently did with a brilliantly colored all-over print. Check it out plus tons of other new stuff! Will upload some individual pieces soon, for now:

Arrow left Arrow right

Make sure to use the code BLKWKND16! Thanks so much for the support Heart 
There's only a few days left to get Tidus Laugh festive body-coverings as part of Sweaterfest on ALSO! Mario 64 Snowman's Land! Only available on The Yetee until November 8th.

Jolly Tidings (Sweater) by Versiris

Snowman's Land (Sweater) by Versiris
Hey all! So this is the first year I'll be doing Inktober. If you don't know what that is, it's basically everyone does ink drawings daily for the month of October and posts them to share within the #inktober tag.

Since there's so many drawings I'll be uploading them in compilations of 10 likely, so if you'd like to see them as they come out you can follow me any of these places:

Plus I update these places more often with art and goodies and notices so feel free to follow me there as well!

Thanks :3
Streaming some new Pokemon GO art! Come hang out!
Patreon-sketch-ad by Versiris

If you enjoy my work please check out my Patreon! Every little bit helps me make more art :) <3 PLUS you can see all my new art EARLY and some stuff I don't even end up posting. I also do Throwback Thursdays where I post stories about old embarrassing art. FUN TIMES!

Join here >>
Conbravo2016-ad by Versiris

I'm going to be at ConBravo this month! COME VISIT! Check out their website for more details:
4thofjulysale by Versiris

Happy 4th! Have some t-shirt sales~ :)

Timelapse video of my Tracer pic~ Let me know if you like this new format!
You may have noticed my website / shop have been down for maintenance for awhile now while I remodel. In the meantime, you can find most of my T-shirts, as well as prints, on my etsy shop!

>> <<

Including by request prints and shirts of my new sun/moon starter artwork!
PKMN - Sun/Moon Starters by Versiris

My new shop should be finished within the next month and I've got tons of new stuff to reveal for it, so keep those eyes peeled and stay tuned! Don't forget you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well for more updates.
~Love, Versy
Visit Us at Toronto Comicon! by zombielily
My friend zombielily and I will be selling at Toronto Comicon this weekend March 18-21st! Drop by and check us out, we'll have all sorts of sweet new merch for you to browse!
majorasmask-elegy-statues-LINK-terriblefate by Versirismajorasmask-elegy-statues-LINK-teaser by Versiris

If you follow me on social media you maaaay have noticed I've been teasing new art / merch on the horizon. Well. THE TEASING CONTINUES.

" The Elegy of Emptiness has been played.... new merch is coming... and you can sit them on your shelf~ "

I'll be revealing more art closer to release, HOWEVER if you want more of a sneak peek you can get it by being one of my lovely patrons!
Just a reminder to those watching AGDQ this week: you can pick up my official tee from The Yetee!

Paper Plumber [T-Shirt] by Versiris

$3 from every sale goes to the Prevent Cancer Foundation! So far we've made massive sales for charity, let's make it even more!

The new year is almost upon us! So I decided to gather up some of my favorite artwork that I did this year. I can't wait to improve and create more in 2016!

2015-fave-art by Versiris

It's been a heck of a year, I've had both great times and hard times and made tons of important decisions that resulted in growth both personally and in my art.
To all who follow and enjoy my work, thank you for being part of my journey, you're all a big help and keep me going through rough times. <3
Sup guys!
I'm in the middle of a few projects, one of which is a new website which will feature an expanded shop. The main new feature is you'll be able to buy merch directly from my website instead of everything redirecting to external shops! This will let me offer a lot more diverse variety of merch styles / colors and all that good stuff! I'll still have some exclusive shirts on outside shops, and there will still be links to those. Hopefully this streamlines the site more!

If you have any suggestions for improvements or features please let me know!

Anyhow, hope you're all enjoying the holidays (or getting ready to enjoy them)~
Cheers all
My design "A World Split Apart" is on Teefury today for only $11!! This hasn't been released as a daily ever since I made it, so this is super exciting! :D

A World Split Apart [T-shirt] by Versiris

Check it out at

Cyber-monday by Versiris

It's CYBER MONDAY! All my shirts are on sale on both Neatoshop and (exclusive shirts) on Sharkrobot!

Everything 25% off on Neatoshop!…

Use "sharkmas" to get 15% on SharkRobot…

Reminder this is the last big sale of the year so it's your last chance to grab gifts for the holidays!

Black-friday by Versiris

Hey guys!! My biggest shirt sale of the year is here!! All my shirts are on sale on both Neatoshop and (exclusive shirts) on Sharkrobot!

Everything 25% off on Neatoshop!

Use "sharkmas" to get 15% on SharkRobot

These will end Cyber Monday, so if you're looking for a gift for the holidays then be sure to grab em this weekend!
If you've been following me on Twitter and Facebook I've been talking about this project for awhile, and I'm happy to announce it's finished! Volume 1 is here!

SH1-zine-cover by Versiris
SH1-zine-promo by Versiris

This is the debut volume, featuring a collection of illustrations of all 17 monsters from Silent Hill 1.
You can download it for free but donations are appreciated as they help me make more stuff like this! <3

Download it on Gumroad: